Musica Fragile

“The album’s twelve tracks are perfect short stories. Like the work of Raymond Carver, each piece expresses an essence. The music has rare balance; it has great respect for sound and for the pleasure of playing, together, only what’s necessary. Listen carefully – then listen repeatedly to discover hidden treasures. It was a beautiful surprise for me, who knew Emanuele’s remarkable pianism, to encounter his abilities as a composer and organizer of music. The musicians are all brilliant: sensitive and unpredictable.”
Enrico Rava
“Emanuele Filippi’s recording is indeed fragile – but also deep and strong. It unfolds as a series of beautiful musical short stories played masterfully with musical precision and passion. He gracefully invites us into his sonic world and we are more than rewarded for the journey.”
Fred Hersch

“Musica Fragile” was awarded the grant “Per Chi Crea” by the Italian Copyright Collecting Agency “SIAE” and the Italian Ministry of Culture “MiBACT” in 2019. The album was recorded at Artesuono Recording Studio in Udine, Italy on March 4-6th 2020.

It features Nicola Caminiti on alto sax and flute, Cosimo Boni on trumpet, Marco Bolfelli on electric guitar and Roberto Giaquinto on drums. It was produced and recorded by engineer Stefano Amerio, with the collaboration of Glauco Venier as artistic producer and Federico Mansutti as executive producer.

Artwork by Davide Piva and graphic design by Elisa Caldana.

Emanuele Filippi Musica Fragile 2
Emanuele Filippi Musica Fragile